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Android Applications Must Banished and Do Downloaded

Android Applications Must Banished and Do Downloaded

There are millions of applications and games that are obtained by free or paid, there is not often much one of them just fill smartphone memory and leaning against you, even some who have a risk perngkat result in damage to your smartphone.

Especially applications - applications that you download and install almost no avail though, may be to this day you put a lot of applications - applications that are not so major android.
The few devices that can be mentioned no avail and no need to download.

1. Battery Calibration
Battery problems are one of the biggest concerns for Android smartphone users. Battery calibration application on Android is not as sweet as promised.

This application especially never be the most popular because these applications work only step change batterystats file. bin on the status of the battery with a new one to force the system hold the battery indicator.

In order for these benefits seem to give confidence wrapped with beautiful appearance and looks attractive. Not sure? Google engineers Dianne Hackborn never mentioned the problem in 2012 and then.

2. Application to increase RAM
On average android geek must have downloaded this application. Although actually, there is no impact though. RAM in the design very fast, and will be added either with a new generation of chips LPDDR4 that there will be a mainstay in the device that will arrive. Beyond that, the RAM on Android is not the same with computers. So in the Android system has been designed always to the maximum, your stay must be smart to select the application that is needed and necessary.

3. Applications Fake Anti Virus
Many are saying when Android devices are often referred to often have a virus. Actual fact, the Android you are safe from attack, if the source of anti-virus application that is downloaded to come from the official Google Play store, not from the community site or app store outside of Google.
Beyond that, there are other applications that ask users to pay up-date databaseantivirus, you certainly do not have to pay it. In essence, forget antivirus or anti-malware that is not coming from the developers settled.

4. Application memory defragmenting
Perangat Android now wears storage or NAND flash-based SSD (not hard disk) that has a built-in controller that works by full time to organize the data neatly until it is useless if done defragmenting. Actually, defragging only lower the age to read several thousand cycles are wasted. So the next time you see a defrag Android apps, ignore it.

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