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3 Ways to Maximize THIS LATEST WORK Laptop

Laptop devices often encounter several obstacles that interfere with one's work, a lot of things that lead to the problem being slow laptop, to overcome this you can cope with some of the following

1. Uninstall applications that are not essential
To install an application that is not what is used, it will only spend a memory space and harddiskAanda. To uninstall a program, you can do so via Start> Control Panel> Uninstall a program and then uninstall unused programs / important

2. Use Antivirus
Antivirus is very important to use, because viruses including malware and spyware cause the performance of a slow computer and can also damage the data / file us. In addition you must install the appropriate antivirus, antivirus not even slow down the performance of your computer / laptop.

3. Turn Windows Firewall on Your Computer
By the time we access the internet a lot of virus or malware into the computer, Windows Firewall is useful to filter the data that is safe or harmful for our computers.

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