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How To Set Built-In Samsung Galaxy S5 Fingerprint Biometric Scan Lock

Biometric scanner is the password that is provided by Samsung Galaxy S5, the touch of your finger biometry scanner will be stored on your phone's memory on any touch screen mobile phone, and it is the key to unlock the phone, so that this key can not be opened by others besides you. This key is very special for those who have a cell phone that is the Samsung Galaxy S5 is equipped with a built-in fingerprint lock, this privilege is the first on the Samsung Galaxy S5 with the thumb become a key scan, so that only you can unlock the phone. At first the thumb key is only available on mobile phones but the iPhone is now available in a variety of smartphones and Android. Furthermore, if you want to use as a key regulatory steps to protect your mobile phone, the following action steps.

Easy Steps To Replace Samsung Galaxy S5 Fingerprint To Security 
  • Find your phone settings and press the screen lock button.Then press the screen lock / key lock 
  • screen and select screenYou can choose as Fingerprint scanner on your Samsung Galaxy 
  • S5Check back on the touch screen to save your thumbFollow the instructions printed words on 
  • your mobile phoneThen set the types of arrangements unlock, scroll down and select the 
  • automatic lock pressYou have successfully set the Samsung Galaxy S5 Fingerprint.

How To Set Built-In Samsung Galaxy S5 Fingerprint Biometric Scan Lock

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